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The Regional Qld SES is the most important and instrumental part of our event, as well as saving so many lives in and around Qld. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication to community at large, most of them volunteers putting themselves at risk. This event annually donates to SES.

We’d like you as competitors to show your thanks and appreciation by adding a small donation to your entry fee when registering online. At close of the event, all the donations will be forwarded to SES. Remember, it might be your life, your home that they could be saving.

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"it ain't weak to speak"

The event is again in 2019 supporting the amazing Livin’ - It Ain’t Weak to Speak and we urge you to go to for more information and to donate to this very worthy cause.


Community, connection, hope, and help will replace silence. Changing the way society understands, perceives and interprets mental illness.


LIVIN® is a registered charity, non-profit organisation that was founded to wipe out the stigma on mental illness and raise awareness for suicide prevention. LIVIN implement innovative strategies to remain relatable to the younger generation through apparel, celebrity and social media profiles. The core of LIVIN’s mission is the mantra “It Ain’t Weak to Speak,” to encourage and inspire people to speak up and seek help. Education is at the forefront of LIVIN’s mission. Through education, LIVIN influences generational change with a fresh new approach to mental health in a forever changing environment.


LIVIN was Co-founded by Sam Webb & Casey Lyons in September 2013, in honour of Casey’s best friend Dwayne Lally and other close friends and family of the co-founders who took their own lives after suffering from a mental illness. Webb’s interview about the establishment of LIVIN and why it was started can be watched here. LIVIN is all about LIVIN your life at the top and destroying the stigma attached to mental illness. Connecting, supporting and inspiring one another to talk about their feelings, issues and problems because “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”. “We can save the lives of individuals, if we change the way society understands, perceives and interprets mental illness.” Sam Webb ” For too long mental illness and suicide has been perceived as a weakness, mental illness is no different to other illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. We will change this.” Casey Lyons

 To show your support and learn more about "Livin" please click the button below:  DONATE HERE 


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