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Training Information & Contact Details:

Why train alone! If you are living locally and thinking of training with the Whitsunday Running Club, whether new to running or experienced? Contact the below for information on training times, or go to or follow us on facebook.

Contact Mark: 0414 894 897 | Julia: 0404 726 189 | Wendy: 0418 768 493


Below a training program for the 57.4km, which can also be used for 28.7km distance. Below is the full training program for both the Ultra and the 28.7km, commencing early June. For those taking on the Honeyeater Challenge you can use the 28.7km training guide but would not necessarily need to do an exceptionally long run, perhaps keeping the long run up to 90 minutes in duration. For all 3 events, don’t forget your parkrun every 2 weeks instead, with a good warm up and cool down..


 1. 28.7kmTraining Plan 2019 - 16 Weeks

 1. 57.4km Training Plan 2019 - 16 Weeks



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