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Jodie’s Blog – Race preparation – get it right!

Be Prepared

As we close in on race day it’s time to finalise your preparation.  You will now have a well-established training habit and most of the hard work is done.  If you’ve been consistent in your approach to training, you’re going to have a great day.  So, what should you be thinking about now with regards to race preparation? 

Nutrition and Hydration

Your nutrition, particularly if you anticipate being out on the trail for over 2 hours, should be well tried and tested.  You should have an idea of how much you might drink and now is the time to consider where the aid stations are and what they have on offer.  Do you have everything you need on race day?  Now is the time to stock up.  This may seem logical, but you would be surprised -  I’ve traveled often to events all over the World and there have been times I’ve witnessed athletes placing undue stress on their race preparation by not having or taking essential race needs with them and then unable to easily locate what they need.  To be fair, occasionally this has been due to delayed luggage at not fault of the athlete.  You’ve worked hard to be physically fit on race day don’t let missing some basic preparation undo that hard work.

Race Gear

This includes your complete outfit and hydration system.  Many of you will be members of a running club and I trust your club shirt is well worn or if new worn on a couple of outings including one of your long runs to ensure there are no spots where chafing might be an issue.  If there is fix it, plan to have a body lubricant of any sort or clothing that will eliminate this potentially soul-destroying affliction on race day.

The gear

I consider essential for race day: Ultimate Direction Pack - which will carry all my race needs on the day; Including Revvies - caffeine gives me a boost for that finishing k; 2 x Gu Energy Gels; Soft Water Flasks - capacity 1L; Water Bladder - capacity 1.5L Trail Shoes, Salming Trail 5.
I will bring the bladder and soft flasks and assess the day before just how much water I will carry based on the weather.  Having soft flasks means I can tuck them in and pick up more water if I think I will need it.  Best to be Prepared!!!